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vaca - 10-04-2013

The guy (Shawn White) called me from IRS (Internal Revenue Services, USA). He tried to convenience me that I am a Tax defaulter and I will be behind bars with non-bailable arrest warrant. He gave me an option to pay the penalty of $4983 via Government Certified Coupons to not get arrested by police. The worst thing is he was also not allowing me to disconnect the call to consult attorney or anyone.

I went to sheriff station while taking to this guy to confirm if he is actually calling from IRS. Sheriff said, he is a fraud and nobody calls from IRS and threat like this. So, finally I disconnect the call.

After 2-3 min I got a call from number "911". That guy said "I am calling from local Sheriff Station and just received a Fax from IRS and I have a non-bailable arrest warrant against you". I went back to Sheriff Station while talking to this guy and gave my phone to Police Officer. Guy disconnected the call after hear the voice of that lady officer.

Officer told me they can receive call from "911" but they can't make call from that number. So, that fraud guy was spoofing the number "911". They suggested me not to attend these type of calls and disconnect right away.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Shawn White
Company: IRS httpwwwirsgov
Number: 202-888-3257


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