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JQ - 04-21-2020

Caller ID says: SPAM? RNC 202 916 6097
Very natural (not pre-recorded sounding) earnest male voice quickly says this will be a recorded call and asks for a female resident of the household by her first name. I finally manage to say, "Hello." The voice then says something about "let me take a moment to ask how you are doing in this time (corona pandemic stay-at-home time) and extend my sincere wish you are doing well." Before I manage a reply the caller disconnects. I am a male -- don't know if that is why the disconnect happened or what else might have caused the disconnect. The voice probably was pre-recorded, despite not sounding that way. I suppose the RNC stands for Republican National Committee. This is mail-in time for absentee voting in my state's primary election. The in-person primary election that was supposed to take place a few weeks ago was canceled and replaced with this mail-in primary due to corona-virus stay-at-home precautions. Lot of political calls coming in lately.

Number: 202-916-6097


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