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Grandma - 04-20-2012

I received a call from a company that said they were researching the presidential election and wanted my opinion 7:10 pm PST Thursday night, April 18, 2012.

They asked if Obama was doing a good job. I could select 1: Yes 2: No 3: No opinion
They asked my opinion on a large number of political items.They asked how old I was.
They asked if I was Conservative, Moderate, or Left Wing Radical Communist Democrat.
They asked if I was affiliated with a union. They asked me who I would vote for.
They asked what my race was.
This was to a phone number for a voter in Washington State.

I answered every question, letting them know that I would not vote for Obama or any Democrat!

I checked the phone number on Google.

One reply was from a Wisconsin reporter July 14, 2011 that said: the telephone number that displayed when the call was received — 202-974-8147. It’s a Washington, D.C., number and when called, a message simply says the caller has reached the AFL-CIO.

Caller type: Politician
Number: 202-974-8147


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