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CAROL - 04-22-2015

NOTICE: My identity was stolen and my phone # 203-259-5191 has been illegally compromised by "SPOOFERS". They are not phoning from my phone, but a call center in Pakistan or India posing as Microsoft Windows technicians. They are illegally using my name and my phone number as their identification.. I have reported them to the FCC as well as my phone company, my Town's Police, and Anthem's hired company that is suppose to monitor any identity problems. Anthem Blue Cross with I have, was HACKED and 80 million people in various states had very pertinent identity information stolen. I being one who had my personal information stolen. I a,so am on Do NOT CAll lists and get annoyed with robo calls. I am VERY SORRY for the fact, that your phone number is called by these "SPOOFERS", illegally using my identity ( name & phone #), however I have had over 180 calls in an afternoon of irrate people leaving messages on my answering machine, threatening me, swearing at me, calling me fowl name, sthinking I am calling them when I am NOT. I am NOT the culprit. I am the Victim. I have left a message on my phone my ATTORNEY told to me to do, clarifying, I had Identity threaf, my phone # is illegally compromised, I am NOT a call center etc. Thanks, Carol in CT

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: using my stolen idenity on caller ID
Company: Bogus Mircrosoft Window Technician
Number: 203-259-5191


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