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Central Office: MERIDEN, CT - MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. [?]

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Charleston SC - 06-20-2014

Do Not Phone Back Missed Calls From Any Number You Don't Recognize! Two one-ring calls received on my mobile phone from this phone number (203-427-6978) which is purportedly registered to "Belle Academy of Cosmetology" out of Waterbury, CT. Rings once then hangs up. New scam warnings from craigslist community involves scenarios where a person gets a one-ring hangup call and, being curious as to who called, would choose to dial the unknown phone number back. This may result in attempts to gather your personal information by prompting you to enter password information or other "codes" through text or a nefarious web site which could then be used in hijacking your cell phone number, gaining access to personal accounts and other forms of identity theft. Various scam sites show that this number is associated with numerous scam attempts. Remember, friends and other reputable callers will leave a voicemail or let the phone ring more than once! Added phone number to reject call list through my cell phone.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Unknown Registered to Belle Academy of Cosmetology
Number: 203-427-6978


Elise Robertson - 06-20-2014

She is married; however, her husband has cancer so she is now interested in my boyfriend. She sends him texts daily, including naked pics. If he wanted to be with her, he would be; however, he is with me. Hoping she can move on with her life and be a good wife to her husband, especially during this hard time in his life.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Marti Lisle
Number: 203-427-6978


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