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Jessica Jimerson - 02-12-2015

A small group of about 4 incredibly rude scammers claiming I'm going to be sued by Sprint claiming I owe them $607 (complete lie, I've never had an account with them in my life). As I called back a little later I was not able to have any of my polite questions answered, instead I was met with incredibly hostel naming calling individuals, who laughed at me several times, asked me highly inappropriate questions, and hung up. I called back without any better results.
So after that I called Sprint, and they told me no such case is filed against me, and I'm not even in their system (as I already knew since I never used Sprint before in my life), they also said it sounded very much like a scam.

So I contacted the FBI (since these obvious scammers have me information) who gave me the number to the Federal Trade Commission. I made a report with them (they said they are looking into it and yes they've gotten similar complaints about related scam calls), and they told me to put file a fraud alert with Trans Union (which I did). -I recommend this action to anyone who is contacted by these people, because they are fake.

Future more the claim to be the "Alternative Dispute Resolution" aka "ADR Group". Which they are not, I know because after Googling that company I found their contact info does NOT match this scam callers phone number. That the says the are the "ADR Group" so when people try to file a BBB complaint an innocent company takes the heat for their wrong doing. So don't go to the BBB, go straight to the FBI with their phone number instead. I hope this helps someone, but I know these horrible scammers will be shut down soon you can't mess with the FBI, and citizen information security in this modern day and age, they will find them.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: They wouldnt give me any names Red flag right Ridiculous
Company: Scammers pretending to be Alternative Dispute Resolution
Number: 205-259-5309


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