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Central Office: JASPER, AL - SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P. [?]

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unknown - 07-01-2013

Called work number every single day for several months, then stopped for a few months, then started calling back. I am the receptionist at that number and is very frustrated. You can barely understand the man for his accent is so heavy and sounds as if he shares a dozen teeth with his mom and dad. Today he has called over 200 times back to back trying to get a hold of an employee who was not here. When told employee was not here, he started screaming on the phone with a whole bunch of profanities. This man is obviously a fraud trying to say you have a lawsuit even if you don't. Don't trust this man, he is only after your money. He probably lives in the basement of his mother's house. Has been identified as a "'officer' James Warren" and a "Ronnie Harper"

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 205-265-6897


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