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Pat - 09-13-2014

The Caller ID just lists "Tuscaloosa AL" along with the number "205-535-1259."

I answered because my mother in law lives in Tuscaloosa and we were expecting a call from her (I thought she might be calling from a friend's house or from a new cell phone).

Anyway, I answered the phone and this guy on the other end said that he was calling in behalf of the Alabama State Troopers Association. (I thought to myself: "Oh no - not THESE GUYS again!!!) He asked for a promise of a monetary donation, in return for a "Pledge Kit" which would include a window decal (saying that you gave a donation to the Alabama State Troopers Association). I said : “Let me think about it.” He said, well let me send you a pledge kit. All we ask is that you promise to give at least $15 once you receive the pledge kit.” I said: “Let me think about it.” He got mad and said something like: “Well maybe we can count on your support for next year’s campaign.” and hung up.

Caller type: Fundraiser
Company: Alabama State Troopers Association
Number: 205-535-1259


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