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Central Office: TUSCALOOSA, AL - TCG MIDSOUTH, INC. - AL [?]

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EDIT my post - 04-09-2014

I said it originated from Moody Alabama; well that is what the reverse number look-up said. The call actually came from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Number: 205-614-5948


Ron - 04-09-2014

The call came in and I answered it; "Hello" .... "Hello" .......nobody on the other end.... I said "Hello" twice more.... Nothing! I hung up and before I could set the phone in the cradle, the call came in again- still no one on the other end.
Reverse number look-up said it originated from Moody Alabama, a suburb of Tuscaloosa.

Caller type: Other
Number: 205-614-5948


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