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Central Office: CARBONHILL, AL - DELTACOM, INC. - AL [?]

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Nichole - 11-24-2012

This is the exact texts from a number I have never seen and it's an Alabama number!!
205-727-8663: hey Nichole
Me: Who is this?
205-727-8663:Opps !! mi cellys gonna die:(
Me: Who is this?
205-727-8663: add me on Y!mesngr textieflirty67
Me: Who is this
Me: Well I know this is from AL

After that I had no answer back. it makes me wonder how they knew my name and then they would never answer me back to whom was texting me!!
Not sure how much other info they found about me.. I have also heard they get the info through Facebook from another forum on this number!

Caller type: Other
Number: 205-727-8663


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