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Central Office: SEATTLE, WA - PAC - WEST TELECOMM, INC. - WA [?]

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Dagu N Monn - 08-05-2014

Relentless P.O.S.'s. wish someone will one day explode from frustration & pay these scumbags a personal courtesy call so they can experience the discomfort they impose on their contacts personal lives. & then let the media demonize the fed up individual & ask stupid questions like "well Bob how could this have been prevented?!?".....smh

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Did not answer call
Company: Pac-West Telecom
Number: 206-260-1115


Dolores Doherty - 04-22-2014

I keep getting a call from a legal department for someone called Donald Fagan that i dont even know. When i calledl them back to explain they just hung up

Number: 206-260-1115


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