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Victoria - 06-10-2014

I received several calls from this number in the past weeks, so today my girlfriend decided to listen to what they had to say. so they proceeded to tell her that I had been selected for a government grant in the amount of 6,700. and all i had to do was give them my banking info so that they may transfer the funds to my account. so i gave them a prepaid card i don't use. and they gave us a supposed grant # and a phone number to call and speak to a Mr. Steve Taylor. now mind you I had already did the reverse phone number look up and knew that this was a scam. but we called anyways to see what they had to say. the first few times we called they did not answer. so about 20 mins later they called us back, and they proceeded to tell us their line of bullshit. Now mind you I am on the governments grant page this whole time. So they then tell my girlfriend that she needs to go to a store near her and purchase a Green-dot money pack for 4.95. she hands me the phone to find out what they are talking about. So I now get on the phone and ask this supposed Mr. Taylor (now mind you this Mr. Taylor now has a very heavy Indian as in the dot not feather type Indian accent) what exactly she is supposed to be doing. He Proceeds to tell me we need to purchase this green-dot money pack and put 200 dollars on to it but not to worry cause my grant was now 6,900. So I then being to question him and the Grant, I asked him for the name of the supposed government grant cause i was on the government grant page. Mr Taylor began to get more and more irritated cause i was questioning the grant and the procedures to receive the grant, he asked me if I was stupid or something cause he tried to tell me that this grant was different than student grants you get when in college and all kinds of other bullshit. NEEDLESS TO SAY THIS IS A SCAM!! I SMELLED IT FROM THE START.. IT WAS KIND OF FUN TO MESS WITH THESE IDIOTS WHO THINK WE ARE STUPID. PEOPLE PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHO YOU GIVE YOUR INFORMATION OUT TOO AND REPORT ALL SCAMMERS..

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Steve Taylor
Company: u s government
Number: 206-317-1219


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