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Michelle - 04-09-2013

these people call several times a day they never speak nor do they ever leave a message and when you call the number back its a non working number. I guesd they.decided to get clever and send emails in which suggest that I owe $920. in this email theres no company letter head theres a load of grammatical errors and they use words out of content they demand a full payment of $920 in a day and threaten to take legal action.if they do not recieve it by the end of the day they also enclose a telephone number which is.a non working number..someway some how they have managed to get a hold of your email address and ssn to try to make it look legit but its a complete scam.. theres no address enclosed to where this so called payment should be sent but ironically everyone that they call or email conveniently owe.$920...i've been researching these people because the fact that they have your real ssn is a concern amd should definitely be a concern for anyone who has receieved an email from these idiots with your ssn enclosed....

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: tedrick moore
Company: usacreditservices1gmailcom
Number: 206-317-1778


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