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Ric - 02-03-2016

206-319-6959 IRS SCAM! They claimed to be the IRS and tried to get my credit card to charge $1000 to wave a warrant issued by the IRS while they are suing me? What? I never got any letter or certified letter or anything regarding this? I asked for info from them to go to my local IRS office with my passed files in question to speak with a live local IRS agent and they said if I do that I will be arrested onsite if they have to transfer the case issue in question? IRS is all web based and there is no transfer of information, it should be all right there with case number, I told them. They got short and rude!!! I called my tax man and they say IRS don't make calls just letters to inform you if they have a problem with your passed filing please contact them. So I didn't get a letter from IRS for any bad fillings. SCAM BEWARE! Contact your local IRS office ASAP to report all their actions so they can be caught for scamming people. I was told they send letters out to inform you there is a problem, if you don't respond they send out certified letter you need to sign for, If you don't respond they just freeze your bank accounts. SO THEY DO NOT CALL YOU WITH A SUIT OR WARRANT AND ASK FOR MONEY BY PHONE!!!!!!!!! REPORT TO YOUR LOCAL IRS OFFICE AND LOCAL NEWS ASAP!!!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: claim to be IRS
Company: claim to be IRS
Number: 206-319-6959


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