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Dingo - 10-03-2016

206-354-4888 called me at 330pm on Sept 27

Microsoft tech support scam

Imagine my surprise when not just Microsoft technical support called me to help with my home PC, but George Harrison of Microsoft - yes - almost 15 years after his death, George has now taken a job with Microsoft in tech support. Strangely thought, this time, it's clear that he's been hanging out with Ravi Shankar and the yoga folks because now he has a thick Indian accent.

... perhaps Beatles albums aren't selling like they used to?

OK so this was a scripted scam where the caller stated that "he was from Microsoft" and that they had seen my PC become compromised. He tried to verify who I was by getting me to type the "assoc" command on a windows PC and for me to read the CSLID- which means nothing - they aren't unique so it's only done to dupe you into thinking that they have a legitimate eye into your PC.

These people prey on the old and technology beginners. That could be your Mum. FCC / Ofcom / ICO / EU whoever - Please shut them down and prosecute with a vengeance!


Caller type: Scammer
Caller: George Harrison
Company: microsoft scammer
Number: 206-354-4888


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