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merry1 - 12-06-2013

It's a scam. I got a call also, saying they were from Verizon to fix my email error problems. Ironically Verizon did have email problems at the time so I let them remote access my laptop through Go To Assist which it turns out a lot of companies use. I don't have anything important stored in my laptop but I'm changing passwords on everything now. Here's the catch though. If you let them access your pc they'll find problems and tell you to take it to a retail tech at a cost of $100-150. I told him no and he got very irritated. When I rebooted my laptop later nothing would work right. I had to call HP tech support and after paying them $50. they remote accessed and cleaned out my laptop and got everything going again. In the longrun it needed some tech tweeking anyway but I'm usually on top of these cyber scams and feel like an idiot now. Taught me a lesson. The caller ID even said Ver Temp Tech. I got in touch with Verizon and they have a memo about scam companies doing exactly this.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 206-395-3124


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