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JEvans - 10-15-2013

This guy was really odd he called first about 2 weeks ago about every day around 8pm and just hung up after I answered. He then called last week 3 days in a row 5 times. During these times he would not tell me anything about himself and was kind of rude. By the 3rd day I was telling him that if he continued to call I would have to call the police and press harassment charges on him. He normally said I do not understand you on this. Finally my fiancé answered once and tried to get the guy to tell him why he was calling before I took the phone and he just hung up. This week he has called only 2 times and if he does call again I am getting the police involved because this is harassment.

Caller type: Other
Caller: would not tell me
Company: would not tell me
Number: 206-395-3171


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