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Central Office: DES MOINES, WA - XO WASHINGTON, INC. [?]

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FreeSpirit - 03-07-2016

I keep getting calls from (206)400-7041. I finally played along and they told me I am receiving a grant from the federal government because I have no criminal record. Asked how I wanted the money. The choices are direct deposit or plastic card (their terminology). I said on a card, she gave an ID number and a phone number I'm suppose to call and have the money pit on a card, when I asked what card they were sending, she said oh no you give us your card number and we deposit it on the card of your choice. These people call at least twice a month and it's on the verge of harassment.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Goverment Grants
Number: 206-400-7041


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