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Sonia - 06-29-2012

She stated that it was in reference to file PL 28051 for a wothless check and that if I didn't call her that I would be served.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Maggie Watts
Company: Fraud and Worthless Check Division
Number: 206-414-7910


Citizen - 06-28-2012

They called and said that her name was Megan Watts and that she was calling for Virginia Mitchell. She was informed that she had the wrong number that there was no Virginia Mitchell here. To which she replied to tell Virginia Mitchell that she need to call Megan Watts at 206-414-7910 by 10pm tonight or she would be arrested and in big trouble. Case # PL 29078. I blocked the call and called the number back. The people spoke harsh like they were cops or something and the name of their company sounded like Wyman & Associates. If you get a call from them you need to report them to your State FBI office because they make people pay money to keep from being arrested, but it is a scam. The FBI will arrest them if they get enough complaints about them.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Megan Watts
Company: Wyman Associates
Number: 206-414-7910


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