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Central Office: SEATTLE, WA - 360NETWORKS (USA) INC. - WA [?]

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JimG - 09-24-2012

This is probably one of those call centers calling you IF you had a PayDay loan of any type and have failed to make a payment for whatever reason. In my case, I'm sure this may be from Seaside Cash since I had requested that they change the dates that they auto-debited my account and they failed to do so. On my part...I didn't follow up...and in fact they did NOT change the dates...but for awhile the money was there (timing...just the way the dates worked out). But then they hit the date when there was no money. I called them and asked them why they did not change the dates? They gave me some yokey doke story. I asked them to change the dates immediately and they refused citing that because I had overdue/non collected payments, they could not change my account. As a computer professional, trust me...when anyone says they 'can't do something because the computer won't let them'...that's a LIE. Someone, somewhere has "supervisor" or 'admin' or "super-user" authority...whatever they want to call change something. They refused and kept on attempting to debit my account on the old schedule which as of when I contacted them is not valid. So...I've closed my account. They didn't want to cooperate, so now to heck with them. I will pay them..but now, they're on my schedule. They're in if they want to come get me....they should bring friends. On the other hand....I may go and get them :) Belize is very pretty; gorgeous women. I need a vacation! LOL. In fact, you can tell it's a script and /or same call center overseas somewhere because the verbiage is exactly the same. So...did a *67 to block my home number, called them and got someone who said they were Jason...but definitely NOT the person who called initially who had a heavy accent (the person who answered did not have much of an accent and in fact was somewhat understandable); I asked if he could indicate what company he represented, his reply was "no". So I said, since he wouldn't tell me who he represented, I would not give any information. AMF! (as in Adios....fother mucker!)

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Jason
Company: No And when called back refused
Number: 206-420-6439


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