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Sun - 07-19-2010

********** SCAM *********** SCAM ********** TRYING TO STEAL IDENTITY ***********
Someone with an African accent called stating that I've been granted $7,000 free government Grant money and no need to pay back. The caller said that I was selected because I paid taxes on time and had good track of record & credit. The caller also asked what I might do with the money. The caller then verified my name, my phone number, and address. The caller then started asking PERSONAL questions that compromise personal security .... such as BIRTHDAY, social security number, and so on. When I responded that I need her telephone number, her name, and address, the caller started using fowl language and getting upset for asking the question to verify her location. The caller identified that she's from government and located in Washington D.C.. The above telephone number is REGISTERED in Seattle/Washington State. The caller said that "SCREW YOU" and hang-up the phone. I'M A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER ..... BE VERY CAREFUL ...... THIS IS A SCAM TRYING TO OPTAIN YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO STEAL YOUR IDENTITY.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Jenny Smith
Number: 206-445-6913


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