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Robert Hartung - 02-28-2014

This person named Michael Brown has been really, a nice male telemarketing figure toward me; he has called me back and kept in contact with me concerning a $3,000.00 loan. I have not received the loan Michael stated that he is going to fund, but there was allot of running around and confusion. Also, it was the end of the day at approximately 4:00 P.M. while processing my loan and as I am thinking this moment there I recognize a problem through the world any way I search the idea as a whole, and I refuse to just guess because I would be the person intruding in the end. I am truly convinced that the possibility I will be funded is there, this person is a genuinely nice person toward me and I am a daily Church attendee; moreover the fear of The Lord is my greatest fear. No reason to fear anything worldly. As I investigate this person I place allot of prayer and love into his direction because of all the comments about him, and some positive. I will keep you updated with the outcome of my experience and may The God inside of Heaven bless you the reader with peace, also patients.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: michael brown
Company: Ace Cash AdvanceLoan
Number: 206-452-3951


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