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tk - 09-05-2014

Voicemail from (206) 512-1496
"Hello this is Melvin Patrick calling you from Tax audit(?) Department. Also the Internal Revenue Service is the nature behind this voicemail is to make you over here about a scenario that we have received a legal petition notice against your name concerning an illegal tax information or a text-before(?) you can say(?). So we're about to take this matter. This is Federal Claims Court house. I'll be about to issue a warn for your arrest but before we go ahead and do anything like that. If you need any further details concerning this case. Kindly call us back or come or call back number which is 20165121496. I repeat 206-512-1496. Again this is officer Melvin. You have a great day ahead. Thank you."

Caller: Melvin
Number: 206-512-1496


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