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Central Office: SEATTLE, WA - MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. [?]

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I_WORK_in_IT - 01-07-2013

Got a call from "(unintelligible) Technical Support" and was told that the computer we are using is "causing errors and reporting it to technical support". I kept asking him for specifics, and then pressed him to tell me what version of Windows was reporting the problem? He said "XP or Vista". I told him "impossible - all the computer I have run Linux. Ubuntu to be specific". He said that Linux was only for "Big Companies". He hung up when I told him that "I haven't paid for a version of Windows since 1995... POWER TO THE PEOPLE, MAN!"

Next time I will be the most sincere, wanting to do whatever they want me to do, most technically inept person they've *ever* talked to.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 206-701-0285


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