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Reboyo - 11-06-2014

caller with heavy middle eastern accent claimed he was with the IRS in Washington DC. Claimed there were 3 inconsistencies with my tax return.
When pressed about why his phone number popped up as a Washington area code, he replied, yes, Washington DC. To which I replied no, state of Washington.
He told me I had 2 options to resolve this matter. 1. talk to his superior or 2. pay amount owed. Since I had no clue what the caller was talking about, I opted for option 1.
To talk to his superior, I was told to call (206) 801-1434 (yep, same number) and talk to Van Davis. When I called back, another man with a lighter middle eastern accent answered immediately and just said IRS.
By now there's so many red flags, that I just wanted to mess with them, so I asked them what company they are really from. They responded asking why I don't believe they are the IRS, so I told them internet research. Their response was "Oh! so the internet is god?" and I said "in this case, yes it is. Have fun trying to scam someone else." Hung up and reported to the real IRS.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: says from IRS
Number: 206-801-1434


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