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Central Office: RICHMNDBCH, WA - MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. [?]

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Not gonna take it - 01-07-2015

These Indian punks called my number and tried to tell me that there was a warrant for my arrest in the Federal Tax Crimes unit of the IRS.... Told me to surrender to the county sheriff immediately OR call him to "settle it" as to NOT issue an arrest warrant.... (Yeah right...!)

Weird thing is, they were able to spoof the caller ID to mimic our local Sheriff's Dept. It was their exact number. They told me to call a "Kevin Brown" in the Seattle office of the IRS - (who just answered "hello" in a thick Indian accent). I started asking him all kind of questions and immediately put me on hold and said, "Here - talk to the FBI....!" Then he transferred my call to the ACTUAL Seattle FBI office! It rang immediately and I was on the phone with an actual FBI agent.... It is clearly an Indian scam team using phone number spoofing equipment/techniques and a quick forward button to transfer calls....

These idiots are beyond belief.... I only wish I could reach through the telephone line and smack him in the face with the sole of my very dirty shoe....! Biggest insult imaginable in that part of the world...... TOTAL COCKROACHES.........!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Sheriff Jerry Martin Thick Indian accent
Company: County Sheriff Dept
Number: 206-801-6132


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