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average joe - 11-18-2014

Have had multiple calls from this number today, I declined all to voice mail. They only left a one second long message once. Indistinct background noise. Sounded like a call center.

Number: 206-855-5055


I Rate - 11-17-2014

Got several calls from this company over the course of a week, they would always hang up and not leave a message. I finally called them back and was told, by a woman with a very heavy accent, that I had reached the US Department of Government Grants. When she asked for personal information and I told her I wasn't comfortable giving her that information, she hung up on me. I called back and this time got a man on the phone with an even worse accent and when I said that I couldn't understand him, he got nasty and said, "what, you don't understand english?". When I said that I could understand him due to his accent, he said, " you're a mother f***er, can you understand that?" and hung up. I called back a few more times asking for a supervisor and finally did some research and realized that this "company" is nothing more than a scam. I have been having a bit of fun with them though, the number they called me on is an alternate number for me so I downloaded an app that auto redials them and set it up to call them every 30 seconds and hang up after 10 seconds... LOL, for the first 10 calls or so they answered a cussed at me and then hung up, the next 20 or so calls they answered and hung up... it is still dialing them even now after 30 minutes and only getting a busy signal. I guess they won't be able to use that phone line to harass anyone else for a while. :D Feel free to do the same and maybe we can get these scumbags to stop... at the very least we will make it impossible for them to use a phone line for a while and maybe cost them some money.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: us federal grant department
Number: 206-855-5055


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