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bipd - 06-07-2010


If you get a call from this number (206)855-5260 or pretty much any 206-855-???? Number, from anyone one claiming to be Law enforcement or an officer it is bogus.

But I need your help. Please call the FTC, FCC and your local congress representative and file a complaint. It takes but a moment. When calling your Congress rep, tell them that Congressman Inslee (State of Washington) office has received information about this fraud and is interested in the complaints. Congressman Inslee is a member of a committee that may be able to help hold telephone companies responsible for selling these numbers with no accountability. If other Congress reps or Senators call him then the squeaky wheel starts. This is a country wide problem so we can rally and make a change.

With your complaints we may create a new federal law that holds telephone companies liable for their involvement in these annoying harassing phone calls and the fraud, stress that goes along with it.

On a side note, do not worry about these calls they are just trying to scare you into giving information. Block your call and call them back, don’t give them any information. I do it and call many times in a row and it is fun to listen to them get all mad, sometimes the number even gets disconnected which is a win in my book.

Number: 206-855-5260


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