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Wise 2 the Scam - 04-30-2010

Received a call from an Officer "Tom Scott" threatening to arrest me. I've dealt with this scam before, so I called at 7:00 in the morning & asked for Officer Scott. I had done my research already & knew it was a scam. He told me he was Officer Scott's supervisor William Walter. It wasn't until later that he added Officer & a fake badge #. He tried to verify my info. I stopped him & asked what company he was "collecting" for. He gave me vague info about EME Marketing. I stopped him again & insisted on WHICH company; that I would not confirm anything until I knew who the company was. He got frustrated & told me to stop interrupting him so he could finish reading his prompt. I nearly laughed out loud!

I got a little more info out of him & laid into him. I told him the call was being recorded & that my attorney was working with the AG for my state & the call was being traced. I informed him that he was in violation of numerous FDCPA laws, federal and state laws--including impersonating an officer, in violation of US Bankruptcy laws, Identify Theft (which is a 20 year imprisonment and $100,000 fine) & repeated FTC violations as well. He got a little incensed & insisted that he was an officer and repeated his "badge #". I told him I could say I was Officer Suzy Q with badge #123 but that didn't make me an officer! He then tried to tell me I was breaking the law by calling him before 8am. Again...almost choked on the laughter. I let him know those provisions of FDCPA applied to collectors, not consumers. I ended up by telling him I'd already contacted EME and they not only didn't have an officer Tom Scott or William Walter working for them, that they did not use any outside collection agencies. So add hacking into a company's data base to the list of illegal activities!

By this time he's angry & starts repeating what he'd already said. I told him my attorney would be contacting him & we were cooperating with all authorities to pursue him to the fullest extent of the law. He told me he hopes I can sleep at night and hung up. We have a trace on the number which is "assigned" to Belleview, Washington but is actually running out of the West Indies.

You may need to contact the 3 credit bureaus to notify them of ID theft if they do have your info. Good Luck and don't let up on the crooks!

Caller: Officer Tom Scott and Officer William Walter
Number: 206-855-5350


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