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Central Office: SEATTLE, WA - SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P. [?]

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this Idiot is apparently looking up random numbers in the phone book that are pretty women's names and calling and asked me if they want to work for his low life idiot pimp self. apparently he's not a very good plan otherwise he'd have hoes already and wouldn't be looking up random numbers and harassing random people for no reason. if you receive a call from this number and he keeps calling repeatedly just call the police and report harassment. you know when you go to the doctor when you have a chest infection and he looks in the back your throat and diagnoses your sickness because you have those nasty pus pockets in the back your throat? well this idiot is lower and more disgusting than those. Do not tolerate him. Do not entertain him. He's worth not one second of your time.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: worthless pimp
Company: scumbag ltd
Number: 206-856-7065


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