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Mark - 01-30-2014

Ph: 206-858-8556

This was an automated system. Got the call, I answered, no reply right away, heard a click, then this male voice came on telling me they have received information that I have a credit card debt. Then this voice asked if I have a credit card debt of $10,000 or more! then it paused for my answer. I replied, "this must be automated" and then a pause on the line and the voice replied with a laugh, "Ha ha ha, I am a real person" then asked the same debt question. I replied "None of your business". No reply, empty air, empty air some more, then the busy type sound telling me they hung up.

The pauses between my responses and the voice tells me it was automated and listens to your response, analyses it and chooses the pre-programmed response. If you response is counter to what they want, the system responds trying to convince you the voice is a real person.

For those who have call block, use it on that phone number.

Next time I will play along just to see where it goes, if it goes to a real person or starts asking for credit card information. For those who got tagged along, refuse all personal information and I suggest to follow this rule:

1. Never agree to or accept a anything or any purchases on the telephone with people and businesses you do not know.

I refuse all of them, even if they come from known large businesses. Sometimes, I ask for information from them so I can research their offer myself and contact the company or business myself. If they claim it is a one time offer by phone, then simply refuse and hang up.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: never gave a name
Company: Unknown never said
Number: 206-858-8556


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