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Stop Google Impersonator - 02-03-2015

Received 2 calls today from these impostors who try to make you think they are from Google. They spoofed these two numbers today (260-227-7463 and 206-876-1701). They are getting smarter because the 206 number they spoofed is a Google fax number. They call my cell number at least 3 different times a day with different spoofed numbers from across the USA, but always the same spam pitch. They are impostors who claim to be from Google (they are not) and claim your business Google+ profile is not complete, verified, or optimized. They spoof numbers from all across the USA to look like a legitimate business, sell you bogus services, and avoid being tracked. They call all numbers (including cell and Do Not Call list numbers), and they hang up if you ask them to verify their identity (as Google), verify the company they are calling from, or ask too many probing questions. They are looking for an easy mark who will fall for their fraudulent pitch. Their goal is to sell you their bogus service so they can obtain your financial info and bill your credit card. When they call you and ask to speak to the business owner, ask them what business they are trying to reach. They can't answer your question because your number was robo dialed and they don't know who or what business they called. They panic and hang up if you probe them for verification or show any type of resistance that indicates you're not going to be an easy mark.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Google Impersonator Selling Non-Google Service
Company: Google Impostor with Spoofed Number
Number: 206-876-1701


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