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EZ - 07-12-2014

I have not been victimized, but they tried - here's what occurred:

This is a classic Green Dot MoneyPak scam.

First a man named John called and gave me a "Federal Grant #" and instructed me to call 206-973-7948, give my grant number (AQ106) and I would then receive a $7,000 grant from the Federal Government which would never have to be paid back.

Over the years - I've found when it sounds too good to be true - WATCH OUT!

I called the number and Robert said to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card from CVS, Rite-Aid, WalGreen, etc. for $4.95 - but I then needed to upgrade the card by putting $250.00 into the card - which he told me would remain my money and that once I called him back, I'd have $7,250.00 on the Green Dot MoneyPak card ($7,000 + the $250 they wanted me to deposit into the Green Dot MoneyPak account).

I immediately googled this "technique" and found it to be a new(er) scam - once you purchase the card and put your $250.00 into it, they ask for the card number and then have full access to your $250.00.

You'll have the $250.00 taken and, of course, will never see the $7,000.00 "Federal Grant".

A word for anyone receiving a phone call like this - HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Caller type: Other
Caller: John Robert
Company: Federal Government
Number: 206-973-7948


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