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Sam - 05-12-2010

They called again around 6:00pm. The caller ID showed SSI this time. The person on the phone identified himself as "Mike with the King County Police". I asked him whether he is really with the King County Police multiple times, then he changed his story that he is with the King County Police Union. I then asked him whether he is really with the King County Police Union or does he work for a telemarketing company. He avoided my question and he started his sales pitch about wanting to offer the finger print identification program and they are asking for donation. I continued my grilling of his affiliation. I asked for his full name and SSN so I can confirm his identify with the King County Police. He told me that I must "bumped my head to the wall" and I must had a bad day, etc. I told him I just want to make sure he is who he is. He hung up the phone.

I am filing a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry. I am also going to ping my King County Police friend for his advice on the mis-representation. HTH.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Mike
Company: SSI
Number: 206-988-1984


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