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not scammed - 02-05-2015

CREDIT CARD PHISHING SCAM using the "Rewards Redemption" RUSE or an attempt to get YOU to call them back (after only one ring and then disconnect) in order to put HUGE charges on your phone bill ($20/call PLUS $5+/minute.) Calls go OVERSEAS where US laws do not apply; charges can be ASTRONOMICAL. In other words, THIEVES trying to STEAL. Possibly connected to my NET10 phone carrier and the third party vendor from which we buy our minutes for our pre-paid cells: CALLINGMART.COM using PAYPAL, so they DO NOT GET our Credit information. We get one of these FRAUDULENT, CRIMINAL, SPAM calls or texts EACH and EVERY time we purchase CALLINGMART minutes and apply them to our phones. Bought/added minutes yesterday, Today the SPAM call. So either the SCAMMERS are connected to NET10 OR, most likely **INDIA-BASED** CALLINGMART. SCUMBAGS!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Likely connected to CALLINGMARTCOMNET10
Number: 207-307-0462


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