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Central Office: PLUMERWRLY, ID - 360NETWORKS (USA) INC. - ID [?]

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LJ - 09-17-2014

I get up to 2 calls a day from this number, sometimes as often as three days a week, and more.
It is a recording. If it was so "...important. Please do not hang up" it would not be a recording... jmo!
Asking me to update my google listing.. if only I had a dollar for each of these calls, I would not need to work!
This recording was a little more threatening over past ones... as they said failure to update could result in my listing with google being suspended or removed.
If only I could remove these pesky recorded phone calls and those behind them!! ;) I keep a listing of solicitor phone calls and how often they call on my desk as a point of reference. This one has gotten annoying enough to report!

Caller type: Other
Number: 208-987-7044


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