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Andy - 10-06-2015

Heard about these hacks that try to get you to open up your computer by claiming you have a hack. It's on the news, media and the law enforcement websites. Time for turn about it fair play.

He had a phone number that can't be re-dialed (tried calling on my cell while talking on my home phone to this idiot) and he gave me a fake company name I couldn't understand from his poor accent. Asked for his name - Bobby Brown (married to Whitney Houston?) which he must have received from a list of American names. Sounded like he was from India but not sure. I figured to take my time and get him to trust me (somewhat).

He to me to turn on my computer which I pretended to do. Asked me to open up a browser window IE, played along again. Asked me what the key name is next to the CTRL key which I assumed he was trying to find out what type of computer I have. I asked him if that was what he was trying to do. Deflection answer came in his poor English. He gave me his web address which I couldn't understand and wouldn't type in because computer was off and I wasn't about to trust him. He asked me what I saw on the screen. I told him it re-directed me to another website...wait for it...

I told him (had to repeat three times) that the new website was "". After what sounded like he conferred with someone the third time, he abruptly hung up which disappointed me as I wanted to tell him that my pet rock had more skills that he did. I get these about once every two months but it varies.

I enjoyed wasting 10 minutes of his scamming time and the frustration/embarrassment I caused him and waiting for the next one.

Andy :))

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Above couldnt understand
Company: superm
Number: 211-737-8292


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