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Central Office: NWYRCYZN01, NY - VERIZON NEW YORK, INC. [?]

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Christian - 02-20-2014

If you are using an iPhone. Block the caller in the contact list. Go to your recent calls, and click on the information from this call. . . then scroll down to block caller.

If you have gotten several calls from this number, they will also use robots to ensure that they are speaking to a real person instead of an answering machine. That 5 second delay is the robot checking.


Christian - 02-20-2014

Call center probably based in India calling over internet to try connect people into online schools. I have asked 100 times for them to remove me from their list, and received as many as 7 calls in a single evening.

The Telephone company allowing them to use this number should block their access as this group is a pain to everyone that they call

Caller type: Telemarketer


Ashley - 02-15-2014

I didn't answer because I don't answer unknown numbers. I call back if they leave a vmail. This caller called 8X back to back. I had to put my ringer on silent it was that bad and they NEVER left a message. I tried to text the number to see who it was and it said it wasn't textable...failed to send kinda thing. Whoever it is needs to either learn to leave a message or call 1X. 8X in a row is ridiculous. A lot of ppl don't answer unknown numbers... Oh and it was also valentines day. The people who called didn't know if I was at work or if my phone was was quite psychotic to get 8 calls in a row like that...

Caller type: Other


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