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Central Office: LSAN DA 01, CA - MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. [?]

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Eva D - 03-06-2015

called to ask for the business owner - sounded like they were calling from a busy, noisy telemarketing call center. I politely told them they had the wrong number (it's a personal number they were calling, not a business.) This should have been enough to realize they were calling me by mistake, but now they have been storming my phone with repeated calls throughout the day. I do not answer. They do not leave a voicemail, most of the time as far as I can tell...(they may have once... I did receive a voice mail at one point that was a recording about qualifying for a loan, but I deleted it so fast I had not noticed the number from which it came. I'm guessing it was probably this same number.) As their call volume increased I began to realize all these calls were coming from the same number, I looked it up and found this page. Fortunately, I am now able to block this number from calling again - hopefully others will do the same.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 213-457-8410


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