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Central Office: LSAN DA 01, CA - 01 COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - CA [?]

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grumpylady - 09-14-2011

This company is harassing me claiming I have an old AT&T wireless account in collections. Well I don't I have never used AT&T wireless. I called AT&T to verify this by having them check their archives thinking this was an error of some sort and they confirmed I had no account and that no collection agency should be calling me representing them. When I relayed this information to this upon their second call they called me a liar and would not let me get a word in edge wise. They refused to give me the representative's name and the company's name and phone number. After being polite and patient with them I was told in a tone indicating this person had lived my life and had firsthand knowledge of it that I did have a phone when I told him I did not. Then he went into some rant that he was not going to tell me how awesome I am (WTF was that all about) this company is not only rude but harasses you when you try to reason with them. Another suspicious issue they have my social security number and have yet to send me anything via snail mail which most legit collection agencies will do is contact you via snail mail with all pertinent information.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 213-550-4612


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