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Central Office: LSAN DA 07, CA - PAC - WEST TELECOMM, INC. [?]

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karen - 08-03-2011

I am getting the same thing. This guy kept on calling my place of business yesterday 75 times. 5 times today alone. My human resource person talked to him and told him to stop calling that this is a business and this is harrassment. She also told him that if he continued she would contact our local police department. Well he said so what. He could call anytime he wanted to and no one could stop him. So she called the police and he took our statements and they are going to press charges for harrassment. Same number 213-799-1159. This is defintely as BIG SCAM and I hope to GOD that someone catches them and puts them in jail. He called me a thief and I would go to jail. He is the thief not me. I do not get payday loans. Interest is too high. The police officer told me to check out these posts. When I got home yesterday an Indian lady and I had a hugh argument for 10 mins and I asked her did she not know English or how the law really works in the USA. She could not answer me.

I was also told that I would be ARRESTED at my job and that they would make sure I would be fired from my job. I told them go ahead and try. I have my employer backing me up.

Supposedly the company name they were representing was LLC Law firm. I work in a legal department so I know this was a fraud when she fumbled her words. They are all liars.

I would really like to know how they get our information. I thought your personal information was safe on secured websites.

Any thoughts.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: LLC Law Firm
Number: 213-799-1159


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