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willie mae murdock - 09-27-2013

Don't know who this call came from.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 239-300-6977


Mommy Monk - 10-21-2012



This person is a PREDATOR. He convinced my teenage daughter that he loved her and that if she would meet him in the park with some weed, he was going to give her a new ipad she wanted. I have not gotten to the bottom of what all went on between them, but I know that he brainwashed a vulnerable teen "looking for love." He is actually a "pot smoking" 30-something guy who is out looking for drugs and action. BEWARE!!! He is dangerous! He cruises the communities on TEXT Plus looking for girls to PM him using the names GABRIEL LOVES HARMONY and MLTDISPATCHER. Warn your daughters to stay off Text plus and avoid this creep!!! Hide Complaint - Mommy Monk


Caller type: Other
Caller: Gabriel Herrera
Number: 239-300-6977


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