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Jules - 09-02-2015

My daughter (she is 27 y/o and doesn't even live at home, but has the same last name) received a couple calls on her cell phone yesterday from this number. The first time they just hung up. The second time they asked for Steven (which is her father's name). When my daughter asked " who?" the woman hung up.

Both my daugher and I tried calling the number back, but of course with a prefix of 015 it wasn't a valid number.

She called and asked for my husband again today (using his full name). Said she was calling re a letter she sent us to refinance our home loan and told my daughter the amount of our loan (which is a matter of public record).

My daughter told her to stop calling. That if we didn't currently have business with her, we weren't interested.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Sam
Company: Lender Processing
Number: 253-015-2485


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