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Marie - 11-25-2014

Received a call from an unknown caller said his name was David Anderson (of course not) and said I was selected to receive a government grant for $9,400. Asked about my banking account and if I had a visa card. And then went on asking about my job (he actually had some of my work info.) He went on to mention my home address, I told him what he had was correct (of course he was WRONG!) I just went with it. I told him I wasn't going to give him any account information. If I had to pay for the money, to just take it out of the money he was giving me. He said he couldn't do that, then I said write me a check and send it to me, he said "I'm not authorized to do that!" He said he could western union it to me, but I had to call his verification manager. I said what's his name, he gave me like 3 names all ran together, I asked which one is it? He said to take it serious, don't you need this money for bills, debt and other things, well then call 253-271-4485, I said I hope you're not scamming (of course I knew he was) cause yes I can use the money, so I called and no one answered - of course! I know he didn't plan for that call to go that way....

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David Anderson
Company: government grant
Number: 253-271-4485


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