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RAllen - 08-24-2010

I really wish I knew how these scammers got my information. It is plain and simple identity theft followed by intimidation and false information. I have been harrassed all summer by these people calling from different numbers. Always the same thing. Someone with a very strong sub-Indian continent accent, accusing me of some illegal action and that they are about to press charges against me for fraud. They are the ones committing fraud. I know this because of several reasons, but mainly the bank account that these people claim that I have this payday loan on didn't even exist at the time that they say that the loan was taken. The number that showed up on my cell phone was 268-0010 with no area code. The number that I am posting this under is the one that they left on my voicemail. They called my cell 4 times in a 4 minute period. That is pure and simple harrassment. So, once again, I will go to the appropriate law enforcement websites and turn in yet again another scammer. This is really ridiculous.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Rick Watson
Number: 281-891-3928


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