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CJS - 11-21-2014

Getting a call from this number 2-6 times a day now,starting back In May 2014. I have asked for a supervisor the man with the Indian accent claimed he is the "f#$@ing supervisor, and you b#$ch will answer my f%#@ing questions." He just recently became more violant on the phone. I would only respond with "please remove me from your call list." He would hang up and call back right away from a booked number saying "I have had enough, I will not stop calling until you answer all my questions, I will come over there and " Fu$k you and your family . you stupid b#$ch, I will hurt you now answer my questions. " I have blocked the number, they still get through somehow, blocked number, I have also reported it to the police department and the FBI. This has got to stop. Today he called 6 times!! I can't take it anymore.

Caller type: Sociopath
Company: 294-612-2634
Number: 294-612-2634


Vici - 10-10-2014

No one said anything.

Caller type: Other
Number: 294-612-2634


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