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rob - 08-25-2010

G&G Job Solutions has been calling me periodically for the past 3 weeks. They have not been leaving messages as they call during the business day and late into the evening when I am not able to pick up the phone. Last week, I answered the phone and have asked them to stop calling me after I received numerous calls while at work. The following night around 9:30PM, I saw a missed call from them. I received a call around 10:00AM the following Saturday at which point I asked them to not call me again and to have them remove me from their calling list. This morning at around 10:30AM I received another call from them and for the third time asked them to stop harassing me and remove me from their calling list.

As this was the third verbal warning, I reported them to the National Do Not Call Registry. I gave them the benefit of the doubt; according to the federal government, one call after you ask them to take you off their calling list warrants a complaint resulting in an investigation and possible fine imposed on the company.

Please file a complaint if they continue to harass you. Only we can stop non-compliant organizations like this.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: GG Job Solutions
Company: GG Job Solutions
Number: 302-357-3812


bonvivant - 07-13-2010

The call was about a job offer. looks like a scam.
says he got my resume online and interested in offering a sales job

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: GG Recruiting Solutions
Number: 302-357-3812


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