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Nicole R - 05-30-2014

Caller claims to be a Kevin Brown from Cash Advance America investigations department, yet speaks with a high middle eastern accent.They claim I took a cash advance for $450 back in 2010, yet can not provide me any actual company name, nor any specific date of deposit. I asked for a confirmation of debt email, or via postal mail and he refuses saying they already have (I've never received any), and I've went through all of my bank statements for 2010 and there are NO deposits for that amount, or via that company. They are calling my work 50+ times daily, despite being told not not to dozens of times. I called them back once from my home number even and they do not call home, only work. The local police tried telling them to stop and they stopped for a few hours and that was it. The police are claiming that since it "appears" to be a valid debt collection there is nothing they can do as they are not harrassing or threatening. I've already opened up all of the web complaints that I can via:

For Extortion Scam Operations, File reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice,CFB,FTC & FCC..

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: kevin brown
Company: Cash Advance America investigations dept
Number: 302-416-3017


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