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Albert - 06-22-2015

got a call from this number and told me that he would permanently give me $20 dollars off my phone bill. When i said no thanks, he called me retarded and hung up. THIS IS A SCAM.

Number: 302-883-8691


bill - 01-04-2012

Appears to be a scam with caller knowing some information about your phone account when they call.

Two calls from this number today. Woman asked if I was (my wife's name) and I replied I was her husband, caller stated they were AT&T wanting to lower my phone rate due to low call volume. There was unprofessional chatter in the background and woman had a voice that sounded like she had used way too much meth or other drugs. She then started asking for information about me and said she would need to transfer me to a recorded independent 3rd party for additional verification. Note: my name is not on the phone account and I have a different last name. I hung up without giving any information. This appears to be a phishing scam to obtain additional personal information. The unnerving part part is they had my wifes correct name and we do have AT&T for local and long distance. I told them I would call AT&T direct and ask for the discount (which I'm sure does not exist, since when does a big company call you asking if its OK for you to give them less money).

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Claims to be ATT
Number: 302-883-8691


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