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bugged and bugged again - 01-24-2012

A debt collector seeking information, while advertising and disclosing some poor hapless soul's latent bill payment business.
The person they seek has the same last name, so apparently this company sees its way through to call every number in the phone book....
This is not phone solicitation?
Isn't there a law about unwanted solicitors?
If they were at my front door as often as they call, I'd have them arrested for trespassing, harassment, stalking, invasion of privacy--something--anything! I think any judge would find the physical attempt grounds for some type of restraining order. But, it's okay, now they don't have to knock, or pound the pavement, because they have a direct line right into your home, and can talk to you whether you answer or not.
Why do I have to receive someone's debt collection calls repeatedly, go through their messages, and take my time to contact the company to update their uninformed staff that they are in error?
Last time I tried that, they attempted to pry information from me about a perfect stranger--like I was harboring a fugitive--or I was fraudulent in my attempt to have them stop calling my number. Arrrrrggghhhh!
I'm ready to find this delinquent person myself in order to present them to the company, offer them a title loan, whatever...just to stop these calls!
That's it!
I'll become a bounty hunter for a hungry misdirected inept debt collector.
There's something just so unnerving about dealing with bottom feeders, mostly in that they have no honest respect for you if you don't give them something to eat, they just spit you out, move around to someone else, come back later, beg again, blindly, aimlessly, looking for tidbits and morsels from someone else to do their work.
So very taxing and annoying.
The last time I endeavored to correct this ignorant hacked outfit, they responded as if I was a partner in a crime, or I was withholding information. As if they persisted, I'd break down and admit, yes, I am the illegitimate daughter of Jane Nevapayus' step grandson's third cousin with the crossed eye hiding under my front porch on Tuesdays at 3:22pm.
Really detestable--there's a true reason they don't disclose their business name or address, for fear someone like me would show up personally to correct their erroneous information and errant behavior.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: no name provided
Company: ILLINOIS CALLER-caller ID
Number: 309-282-0590


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